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01.10.17 to 06.10.17


Our PhD team together with prof. Edwin Zondervan attended the 27th edition of the European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE), which happened together with the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, in Barcelona. PhD candidates Christos Galanopoulos and Tuan Nguyen presented posters, and Leonardo Maia had an oral presentation.


Tue, 19.09.17

B.Sc Project presentation

Student Alejandro Sánchez Martí from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya concluded his 6-month stay in our group and presented his B.Sc project entitled "Water Electrolysis Modelling Sensitivity Analysis For Hydrogen Production".


Tue, 22.08.17

Project presentation

Students Vincent Anglade and Louis-Marie Le Gouic concluded their research projects and gave a final presentation. The respective titles of the projects were "BESS-integrated grid with renewable energy power generation" and "Economical And Environmental Analysis Of A Wheat Straw Biorefinery".

Wed, 16.08.17

Project presentation

Students Işıl Türkoğlu and Tuğçe Öz concluded and presented their 2-month research project entitled "Carbon Dioxide as raw material for new products: CO2 to green fuel".


Tue, 25.07.17

M.Sc. Project presentation

Students Sven Charmeteau, Sebastian Schultze and Kevin Schmidtke concluded and presented their M.Sc project entitled "Integration of hydrogen and carbon supply chain". The presentation took place in our seminar room.


Wed, 19.04.17

Bachelor Thesis presentation

Student Qeiz Naderi presented his Bachelor Thesis project entitled Techno-economical Evaluation Of Biodiesel Production From Algae.

Tue, 11.04.17

AES Seminar+Final presentation

As tradition, the AES Seminar took place and one of our Ph.D. students, Anthon Ochoa Bique, presented his project on Strategic Design Of Hydrogen Infrastructure Under Uncertainty. On the same day, student Zeynep Güven gave her final presentation on the research project she has been involved in the last 10 months entitled Mathematical Modelling Of Li-ion Batteries: Temperature Considerations And Aging Mechanisms.


Tue, 14.03.17

AES Meeting

As tradition, another meeting of the AES Institute will take place, with a seminar from PhD student Timo Wassermann.

Time and Place: 9h, UFT 1200

Tue, 21.03.17

Seminar: Anup Krishnan from Syngene International Ltd

Anup Krishnan leads the Performance and Specialty Materials group of Syngene International Ltd, A Bangalore based contract research and manufacturing organization. Anup has got more than 19 years of experience in polymer and specialty materials synthesis, process development and scale up. The subject of his talk will be: "Performance and Specialty materials group, Syngene International – An overview of activities in contract research & manufacturing space".

Time and Place: 11h, UFT 1200

Wed, 22.03.17

Master Thesis Project Presentation

Student Angelo Odierna will present his work entitled "Optimization and process simulation of levulinic acid and bioethanol from wheat straw".

Time and Place: 11h, UFT 1200

Mon, 27.03.17

Inaugural Lecture: Prof. dr. ir. Edwin Zondervan

The Inaugural Lecture from prof. Edwin Zondervan will take place on this day.

Click here for more information about the full program, location and time.


Wed, 22.02.17

Final presentation of Master and Bachelor Projects

M.Sc. Fabio Ludiro and B.Sc. Nagihan Yetişti gave their final presentation of their respective research projects.

Tue, 14.02.17

AES Seminar

Another AES Seminar took place, M.Sc Maria Sofia Palagonia, presenting about her project entitled Study of the Hydrodynamic of Electrochemical Ion Pumping for Lithium Recovery.


Tue, 10.01.17

AES Seminar

Another AES Seminar took place, with one of our Ph.D. students, Tuan Nguyen, presenting about his project on Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Utilization.


Wed, 09.11.16

Guest lecturers: Prof. Atze Jan van der Goot and Dr. Filippos Zisopoulos from Wageningen University (NL) (place TBD, 11.00)

Presentation by Prof. Atze Jan van der Goot and Dr. Filippos Zisopoulos from Wageningen University (NL). Tentative titles of their presentations: “Novel processing concepts for the sustainable production of foods” and “Exergy analysis in Industrial Food processing”. (more details)


Thu, 27.10.16

VT-seminar: An Optimization-Based Method for the Design of Novel Molecular Systems (FZB 1250, 14:00)

Prof. Dr. Kyle Camarda from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Kansas will give a guest lecture on the topic of Computational Molecular Design (CDM). (more details)

Wed, 26.10.16

Master Class: The Use of GAMS for Solving Optimization Problems in Chemical Engineering (UFT 1190, 10:00-12:00)

Guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Kyle Camarda will also offer a Master Class on the topic of optimization, using the GAMS. The class will have two sessions: one on 26.10 and another on 28.10. (more details)

Tue, 11.10.16

AES Seminar

The 6th AES Seminar took place, with one of our Ph.D. candidates, Christos Galanopoulos, presenting about his project on biomass supply chain networks. A lively discussion followed the presentation with constructive questions and debate.


Thu, 29.09 - UFT Flashlights #4

UFT Flashlights #4 and celebration of 20 years UFT with barbecue took place. Prof. Jastorff, founding director of UFT, gave an emotional expert review of the visions of the first years, followed by scientific flashlights. Our Ph.D. candidate Leonardo Maia also gave a presentation about his work. (see programme)

Mon, 12.09 - Lecture at ESBES Workshop Quality by Design

Prof. Edwin Zondervan gave a lecture on the topic of Product-Driven Process Synthesis of Valuable Components from Biological Raw Materials, at the European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES 2016). (see programme)

Mon, 05.09 - Lecture at Belgrade University

Prof. Edwin Zondervan gave a lecture on the topic of Model Building for Optimization, at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, in Belgrade University. (see programme)